3 Year Allotment Planner & Record Keeper


The Allotment Planner & Record Keeper is designed to help fruit and vegetable gardeners plan and record their growing successes.

This product is also available as a digital version for printing at home as part of the paid plans for AllotmentBook.co.uk, click here for details.

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The product contains the following:

  • Introduction to using the product
  • Fruit & vegetable performance records (for three years)
  • Fruit & vegetable planting charts (for three years)
    Squared paper for self completion – including one A3 sized area for drawing your main plot, and an A4 spaced area for an additional plot.
  • Fruit & vegetable growing checklists (for three years)
    Allows the creation of a yearly list of all the fruit and vegetables a gardener would like to grow.
  • Month by month jobs including checklists of tasks
  • Quick reference guides on growing fruit and vegetables (single page guides)
    – Example Plot Layouts
    – Crop Rotation Guide
    – Introduction To Vitamins & Minerals
    – Vegetable Nutrition Guide
    – Fruit Nutrition Guide
    – Vegetable Planting Guide
    – Vegetable Sowing Guide
    – Vegetable Harvesting Guide
    – Fruit Planting & Harvesting
    – Fruit Training Guide
    – Herb Planting & Harvesting
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